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 Pokemon, Epic Saga

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Pokemon, Epic Saga Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon, Epic Saga   Pokemon, Epic Saga I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 1:03 am

In this RP, their will be 4 different groups, each consisting of up to 5 members each. Every member of every group are childhood friends and now from age 14 - 16. Today, everyone gets their pokemon.

Depending on what Group you are determines your Region. If you are in a vacation or something and cannot post, make up a story why. Romance is OK. Every group has 2 sectors. 3 in one section, and 2 in the other. You can either be part of the group, or be their rival. 3 members in the group, 2 rivals.

1. No godmodding
2. Nothing sexual
3. Follow Forum Rules
4. Your only allowed to have pokemon from your region, however, you are allowed to trade pokemon from other players in other regions that are in the RP.
5. Good Grammar.
6. Keep it PG-13
7. At least 2 sentences.

So Here is the Character Sheet:

Appearance: (pic)
Starter: (Depends on region)
Occupation(Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder):
Are you a rival?:

Ask anything you wonder! I'm happy to answer.

My Bio.

Name: Daemon
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Appearance: Pokemon, Epic Saga Daemon-2
Region: Johto
Starter: Felarigater
Occupation: Trainer
Personality: Kind, a little Shy.
Are you a rival?: No
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Pokemon, Epic Saga
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