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 Karadom's interactive story

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PostSubject: Karadom's interactive story   Karadom's interactive story I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 19, 2010 5:24 pm

Inspired by many things, such as a story from a Facepunch forum, and Home Star Runner's Dungeon Man, I present to you, an Interactive Story!

Rules and information
You do not have total control over what happens.
You after I post, you say what should happen next (I.E., a police man is walking down the street. -someone says to use the gun to shoot him)
I do not use the first person's suggestion. I chose the best.
Keep it PG-13.
I both reply to this thread saying the next part, and add it to the main post.
Make sure it's not completely out of the ordinary. ( transform into a girl, and then swim with Aqua Man into space)
This is meant to be humorous.
No flaming.
~, or pents, is the form of money. It is USD based.

Let us begin!
You find yourself in an abandoned jail cell. In the cell, there is a low caliber pistol, low caliber pistol bullets, a small pack, a hunting knife, a map, and ~50. You have a fulll stomach, nor are you thirsty. You hear footsteps, they occasionally stop,on the breaks of no footsteps, you hear a magic based electricy and screams.
What do you do?

I have one question, should I implement a hunger/thrist system?
And one note, I do not have a map done yet.
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Karadom's interactive story
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