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 possible plot of a comic i might make

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possible plot of a comic i might make Empty
PostSubject: possible plot of a comic i might make   possible plot of a comic i might make I_icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 5:05 pm

tokyo is going through an economical depression, hardly anone is doing anything, no one is spending any money if they don't have to, and half the population of tokyo has gone to other, more "popular", countries. It is later discovered that angirus(in the godzilla neo look) has created a nest at the base of mount fuji, and is about to lay eggs. an over-eccintric man decides to capture the beast while it's pregnant, and show it off in the middle of tokyo, for a price. they successfully captire anguirus, but at the same time, mt. saint helens is showing signs of eruption soon. just as people learn of this , mt. saint helens erupts, and in the middle of the erupion, is rodan. rodan destroys most of seattle, and takes flight, headed to japan. just after the military loses track of rodan, angirus begins going into the stage of laying it's eggs. rodan lands in tokyo just as angirus, still captured and caged, finishes laying her eggs. angirus se's rodan, and in attempt to protect the eggs, breaks out of the cage and goes full force agianst rodan. during all of this, scientist fin out that rodan was not the only kaiju awakened by mt. saint helens. godzilla awoke, and starts heading to tokyo, to feed on radioactivity, in attempt to regain some of it's strenght after final wars. it ends up rising out of tokyo harbor, causing panic in the city....

that is the plot for chapter one in a nutshell, without revealing the end. i'll let you all decide if i should make it a comic.
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possible plot of a comic i might make
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