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 Werewolves In Italy Official Novel Preview By: Me

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Werewolves In Italy Official Novel Preview By: Me Empty
PostSubject: Werewolves In Italy Official Novel Preview By: Me   Werewolves In Italy Official Novel Preview By: Me I_icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 5:12 pm

[Do not steal or alter in any way shape or form]


... I looked around the city; it was quite a beautiful place. Grape vines lushly watered and tangled across the walls of buildings. And the bright shining sun glistening upon the fountain smack dab in the middle of Semeir Square. It brings me crocodile tears to even think of me leaving this place, however I still had to. Those fucking blood-thirsty, dirt-ridden vampire cult members, why did they insist on bringing me pain?
Shamere, the only vampire I could stand was now my enemy. He took my woman, and he will pay... Uh-oh, I started to run, hearing the screeches of the vamps and dived around flipping cars in the way. Anything to slow them down. One car, was heading right to me, I continued, and in a split second in jumped over it. My feet digging into the concrete street, I lifted them and continued my “escape”. I just had to go to Rome, I had to. My cult had been in danger, I was the leader and it was my duty to lead the vamps away from here.
Jedrick caught up to me, shit! He was the fastest, do doubt. “Coward!” he yelled running crushing cars with no regard of those inside. “Will you not fight? Have you no honor!?” ...

I don't know if i will finish it....but i am planning on getting alot of what i have planned done.

Please comment n' shit ^_^

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Werewolves In Italy Official Novel Preview By: Me
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